This is a typical re-dye that we do most often at JS Interiors & Dent repair. Seats tend to wear out and dry up after time. At JS Interiors & Dent repair we apply a water base pigment that has been color matched to the seat. We color match by eye so that we get it right the first time. Seats actually change color slightly every year from either sun exposure or wear and tear. This re-dye was on a Mercedes Benz SLK. When the customer dropped off her car at a San Francisco body shop, she asked if there was any way this seat could be rejuvenated. The body shop replied “yes, we can bring in JS Interiors & Dent repair to take care of that seat for you”.

.MBZ seat wear MBZ after


When we met with the customer she was very curious about the procedure and we were more than happy to explain. She had a very sharp eye and wanted the best quality job as possible. We said “JS Interiors & Dent repair can handle this”.

It was a little tricky due to the additional tan color right next to the black bolster on the Mercedes Benz SLK. We had to tape off the edges to make sure that NO overspray would happen. Once the customer picked up the car, I got a phone call. “Oh my goodness, thank you soooo much for making my baby look good again. I will recommend you guys at JS Interiors & Dent repair to all my friends.”

Even if the leather has a hole in it or cut we always have other options to repair it. We can stitch it, we can bond it with special bonding agents that are flexible or we can just dye it to help out the appearance. We service the San Francisco peninsula and look forward to working with all car lovers.


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