The benefits of paintless dent repairs

Paintless dent removal price comparison to a body shop repair

Allow us to show you a cost comparison of a dent repair performed by one of our master technicians versus taking your car to the body shop for the same repair. 1

Let’s use this Bentley with a fender dent for an example.


Paintless dent repair estimate: $350

    • Repaired onsite
    • No usage loss of your vehicle
    • No need for painting

Estimated Total: $350.00*

Expensive Choice!

Bentley Fender fixed with conventional methods - The expensive Choice
Body shop estimate: $1200

    • Body shop for ? days
    • Car rental expense: $34.95 per day
    • Paint repair depreciating your cars value

Estimated Total: $1,304.85*

* The prices quoted here are based on these specific damages as depicted in the photograph. They do not necessarily reflect the costs of repair for all types of damages. *Estimate costs are based on size, location, and severity of damages. Please contact us for an estimate for damages.

1 This is just an example. Prices will vary on the type of work required and your insurance deductible if applicable.

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